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Why choose our products?

Commercial Concepts Limited is very unique in the plastic injection moulding market in that we have many of our own patented products that were designed in-house.

    Our designs are based on practical solutions to problems incurred in different market segments. We have designed gas product hand tools for DIY and veterinary use to waste management systems for airlines. Our approach has always been to design products for ease of manufacture and use without compromising the look or function of the products.

    For sub-contract moulding we work closely with customers from the initial concept stage to ensure that we can optimise the tool design to reduce cycle times and make capital cost savings for the customer. We provide all of our design expertise free of charge to customers and this assists in bringing products to market at a much earlier stage.

    Our product designers have more than 60 years of collective experience and have designed products and assembly techniques for the agricultural, motor, DIY, general household, catering, airline, construction and medical industries.

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