Chris was born in London before the internet was even invented and moved to Ireland at a young age after his parents forgot to leave him behind.

Raised in Wicklow where his back garden was a beach, it’s no surprise that Chris became a world-class swimmer, possibly with the intention of swimming back to London. During his school days he also made the Leinster Rugby Squad where his position was to keep the other substitutes company on the bench. After school Chris entered Dun Laoghaire College of Art and Design, graduating with a degree in (meeting girls with his good looks and charm – and to this day still holds on to his innocence).

Scouted by Bath University because of his achievements in swimming with the Irish Team, Chris went on to hold the European record for the 200 metres butterfly for absolutely ages…. or at least 2 weeks. He also qualified for the Olympics in Sydney in 2000. This remarkable achievement was ever so slightly marred by Chris collapsing poolside and being taken away on a stretcher having burst his inner ear drum by running home from the pool every day without a hat.

Having to give up swimming on doctor’s orders, Chris carefully planned his next career move by offering to help his colour-blind cousin design a website. This was at a time when, to most people, a web was still something made by spiders. In return, his cousin taught him how to code and, armed with this new-fangled witchcraft, Chris took himself off to Australia where he began working for a little company called IBM.

After designing their website, which remains virtually unchanged to this day, Chris found himself working for the Australian Privacy Commission where, unbelievably, he was paid to hack into banks. This job lasted until the day, in a career move akin to the guy who turned down the Beatles, Chris was asked by his bosses to develop a programme to allow people to access their bank accounts from their mobile phones. Chris’s answer: “Why the F… would anyone want to do that”, was not quite the one they were looking for.

Back in Ireland, Chris conveniently forgot his doctor’s orders and became the 31st Irish person ever to swim the English Channel. Urged on by his then Fiancé Tasha, Chris will be remembered for turning the 22 mile straight line distance from Foldestone to Calais into a marathon 48 mile 16 hour swim.

Chris’s other achievements are patenting a greeting card that folds six ways which he eventually sold to Hallmark, and buying an Aston Martin DB6 which, thanks to the movie Casino Royale, he sold 9 months later for a profit of almost €100,000.

Chris now lives in Carlow with his wife Tasha, their son Joshua and Tasha’s bump which is due to scare the bejesus out of him in less than 6 months’ time. They also have two King Charles Spaniels, one of which is now for sale to a good home. Or any home. All offers considered.

Before he’s 40 Chris plans to swim the North Sea, English Channel, The Strait of Gibraltar & around Manhattan Island in one year and finally escape from Alcatraz. Or in lay man’s terms, become a fish.