Who is Commercial Concepts Limited?

Commerical Concepts Limited is an Irish Limited Company based in Carlow with four distinct trading divisions: • Mediplast – for sub-contract plastic injection moulding and assembly • Mediplast Dehorner – for the design and manufacture of a portable gas dehorner for use by farmers and veterinarians • Flex-e-Bag – for the design and manufacture of waste management systems for the airline industry. We are continually designing new products for the airline industry under this division and have recently patented our latest product that will be launched at the IFSA show in Hamburg in April 2015. • Catalytic Industries – for the manufacture of catalyst to create infra-red heat sources

What is the difference between a dehorner, debudder and disbudder?

There is no difference, these are all the same products just with different terminology used worldwide.

What gas canister is needed for the dehorner?

Our dehorners use the universal gas canister with the EN417 thread. This can be found in all hardware, DIY stores and camping outlets worldwide. The product works most efficiently with a 70:30 Propane : Butane mix.

How long should it take my dehorner to heat up?

The dehorner should reach the correct temperature 30 seconds after ignition. The top of the dehorner head becomes very hot and should not be touched at any time to check the temperature. It can take up to 15 minutes for the dehorner to fully cool after heating.

How do you change the nozzle on a dehorner?

Please see the instructional video on the dehorner link page and the written instruction sheet.

How do you change the dehorner head?

Please see the instructional video on the dehorner link page and the written instruction sheet.

How do you clean the dehorner nozzle?

Please see the instructional video on the dehorner link page and the written instruction sheet. The dehorner nozzle must be cleaned at the end of every dehorning session to remove all debris or the nozzle will become blocked and will have to be replaced.

What machine sizes do you have and what is the largest and smallest parts you could produce?

We have 20 moulding machines ranging in size from 22 ton to 200 ton clamp force. We can manufacture parts ranging from tiny pin size to large A4 size frames.

Do you offer any add-on moulding services?

At Mediplast we provide post-operative assembly work in addition to tampo-pad printing. We also offer a free service for product design and improvement to all potential and existing customers.

Where can you ship to?

We can ship products worldwide, some products are bulky and are sent by road and sea freight, other smaller products are sent by air freight.

How do you fit the flex-e-bag in an airline waste cart?

Please see instructional video on the Flex-e-Bag link.

How much rubbish does a flex-e-bag hold?

The flex-e-bag holds up to 80 litres in volume.

Does the flex-e-bag hold liquids?

The flex-e-bag is not designed to be fully waterproof but will hold small volumes of residual liquids in cans and glasses. To ensure that there are no leaks in the bottom of the cart our instruction clearly show that an Atlas tray should be placed in the bottom of the cart. This also stops the bottom of the bag bulging out of the cart if overfilled by the flight attendant.

How to remove the flex-e-bag.

Please see instructional video on the Flex-e-Bag link.

Does the flex-e-bag come in different colours and sizes?

The flex-e-bag is available in any colour required but there is a minimum order quantity of 12,000 pieces for any colour not in our standard stock range. Our standard stock is clear and blue bags. The opening of the flex-e-bag is standard as it is determined by the Atlas cart but the length of the bag can be made to individual requirements.

Is the flex-e-bag available in different thicknesses?

Our standard bag is a 40 micron bag but we can provide bags in any thickness required.

Can you print on your flex-e-bags?

Yes, we can print once per bag but this is on a random print and will not be in the exact same position for each bag.